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Interview Experience with Visteon

Interview Experience with Visteon

Visteon is an automotive company headquartered in Michigan, United States. In India, its offices are Chennai, Pune, and Bengaluru.

My Interview experience at Visteon

Visteon visited our college in the first week of November and the process got completed in the third week of the month. The company has allowed all the branches of BTech as well as MTech.

It offered the compensation of 8 lack per annum for BTECH and 8.5 lack per annum for MTECH.

The profiles offered were Software Profile, Embedded profile, Automotive testing, and validation profile, Audio digital signal processing profile, Machine learning profile, and also deep learning profile. The posting locations were all three Bengaluru, Pune, and Chennai

The interview process involved three rounds,

Online test

The First-round was an online test (four options). It was simple and basic questions were there. Like basic C questions(the person who studied geeks for geeks could easily answer), basic digital questions, Software validation questions, Embedded C questions, and Only one aptitude question was there that to based on Trains i.e, finding the length of the train. They have shortlisted around 60 students from the first round. After the online test, there was a ppt presentation from the company people only for shortlisted candidates from the first round.

Group discussion

Then the second round was GD (Group discussion) which was a non-elimination round, where they divided 60 aspirants into 10 groups. I was one of them. Ours was the third group and the GD topic given for us was “Automation in normal life is it a boon or curse”.

Personal interview

The third round was a personal interview where they interviewed individually. They gave time slots to each and every group. There were four interview panels My interview was happened at around 12 pm it lasted for about 35 minutes. He started by asking me to tell me about yourself, he made me comfortable by asking very simple questions like where are you from?, how you came here?, what you have to do to join NIT? etc. Further, he asked which programming language do you know? I said “C”.

he asked about C pointers also asked to declare a function and to call a C function, call by value, and call by reference, he also asked to write anyone algorithm for sorting, I wrote Pseudocode of Selection sort algorithm. Then he asked a few questions about my branch-related. Which included what are oscillators?, draw the circuit for a Full-wave rectifier, and to draw the waveform.

HR Round

I was proceeded to further rounds. The last round was the HR round.

In the HR round, he asked to tell me about yourself,

What is the best remarkable thing you did in your life till now?

Have you ever convinced anyone and they agreed?.

In the end, he asked any questions? I asked him about the company’s infrastructure.

After that, they told me they will let me know the results later. the result was announced at night at around 9 pm and I was selected.
After 25 days they sent the offer letter to my mail ID and It was a brief single-page offer letter with information about the package (or compensation). posting location was not mentioned in the offer letter.

Finally, this was my interview experience at Visteon, The process was not tough, and the interview panel guys were friendly. Thank you and All the best.

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