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VLSI Systems First Sem Study Material in M.Tech

VLSI Systems First Sem Study Material in M.Tech

VLSI System study material for the first semester during the M.Tech course period in NIT and IIT’s. The first semester VLSI course includes important subjects like Analog IC design, Basics of VLSI, and Hardware Modelling with Verilog. Further, the course also includes one lab for Verilog HDL.

Here I will brief the importance of the subject and required study materials for each of the subjects from the courses. Also, the question paper sets will help to prepare for the exams and cycle tests.

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Analog IC design or Analog Electronics

This subject in the VLSI course will help the student to understand important analog concepts from basics. A lab also will be there for the same will help the aspirants to understand theory concepts with practical experiences.

The book Design of Analog CMOS Integrated circuits by Behzad Razavi is referred by many students of NIT and IIT colleges. There are two editions of these books that will be available the Third Edition and the Fourth edition.

Also, study these articles from VLSI Universe for Analog,

The whole semester concludes with three exams, which are cycle test 1 or assessment 1, cycle test 2 or assessment 2, and the Main exam at the end of the semester. The portion will be divided into two halves for cycle test 1 and cycle test 2 and assessment will be conducted. The marks gained in cycle tests will also be considered for grade calculation.

I suggest candidates go through the above question paper sets at least once before attempting the assessment or exam, it really helps.
For this subject you must watch Razavi videos (Razavi electronics 1 and Razavi electronics 2) from YouTube, he explained the concept very well.

Solve as many as several problems based on OPAMP circuits and RC transient analysis from the GATE syllabus, which helps to clear written tests in interviews specially cadence, Texas instruments and maxim integrated, etc.

Basics of VLSI or VLSI System Design

This subject is the root of the VLSI System course, every VLSI engineer must know it and is a very important subject for the interview also. You must keep this material with you always till you be a VLSI engineer.

The book to refer to for this subject is CMOS VLSI Design by Weste and Harris. The 3rd and 4th editions of this book are available. It is suggested to refer 3rd edition of the CMOS VLSI Design by Weste and Harris.
In this book, there is a list of questions at the end of the chapter which you must solve. The solution manual for CMOS VLSI design is also attached below.

And all the topics are important from this subject. To study in detail CMOS inverters and the problems based on CMOS inverters refer to the book Digital Integrated circuit by M Rabaey.

Method of logical effort i.e. delay estimation of CMOS circuits is one more important topic for which you need to refer to the below pdf and read the article.

Also, refer to cycle test and end semester question papers of Basics of VLSI or CMOS VLSI Design.

I suggest buying this book and keep it with you along with your professional career in VLSI, as this is the heart of the VLSI System Course.

Hardware Modeling with Verilog or Verilog HDL

It is one of the important subjects in the VLSI of a digital engineer’s career. It is very important to know at least one programming language such as C and one hardware description language such as Verilog HDL.

Several study materials and nptel courses will be available for Verilog. I did list out here very important and must study materials. First thing you must go through a nptel course on Hardware modeling using Verilog by Prof. Indranil Sen Gupta from IIT Kharagpur. These course videos are also available on YouTube for free.
The standard reference book for Verilog HDL is MD Gillette, and one more book on Verilog HDL by Samir Palnitkar is referred to by many college students as it is simple and easy to read.

Also, refer to cycle tests or assessments and end semester question papers of Verilog HDL.

This subject is also important for your career in VLSI. Be in touch with this subject after the first semester also at least till your job placement.

Digital System Design or Digital Electronics

One can say this subject might be included to brush up on your digital design skills. Carrying your gate-level digital knowledge and covering some of the important concepts such as Counter and Registers, Synchronizers, finite state machine FSMs, and Asynchronous FIFO or FIFO depth calculation and design-based analysis using logic circuits are important.

This is a very vast subject, I suggest you refer to your prescribed syllabus and study those topics from anywhere on the internet such as NPTEL videos, YouTube and books, etc.

Also, refer to cycle tests or assessments and end semester question papers of Verilog HDL.

The suggestion is to study digital in parallel with Verilog. That is try to implement in Verilog whatever digital design you study in digital.

Optimization of DSP structures for VLSI design

This is one of the high-scoring subjects in the first semester of the VLSI systems course. One must completely refer to the book by K Parhi for DSP architectures based on the prescribed syllabus.

The problems which are at the end of each chapter in the book will be asked in cycle tests and assessments. You can find the solutions in the below links.
You can buy this at amazon.

Also, refer to cycle tests or assessments and end semester question papers of Verilog HDL.

Referring to previous year question papers before attempting exams will always help to score high in this particular subject. You can study this subject only for the first semester and boost your CGPA. As per my knowledge, nothing from this subject will be asked in the job interview.

Graph theory with Application

Most of the students find it very difficult to understand this subject. Attending classes will always help to understand concepts clearly and it is a must for this subject. You cannot skip any class. Notes given in the class will be very useful to score in exams.

The standard book for this subject is Graph theory with applications by J A Bondy and Murty.

Also, refer to cycle tests or assessments and end semester question papers of Verilog HDL.

Well, this subject is mathematical and needs so much attention unclear the concepts. Study this subject only for the semester. Referring to previous year question papers is very important for the subject. I still remember that the five-color theorem is very important that it will appear every year in the question paper.

You can download all subject question papers for the year 2018, which includes cycle test 1, cycle test 2, and end semester question papers.
Study aptitude and C programming in parallel with the semester, as they are a must for clearing the job interview.
Also, revise your Gate syllabus especially analog and digital concepts fully.
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