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Texas Instruments Digital Interview Questions 2021

Texas Instruments Digital Interview Questions 2021

The Digital Texas Instruments Interview Questions are completely memory-based. Refer to these given questions and prepare accordingly. Please keep in mind that these are not the exact question that may come in the Interview test and the values given in the questions may also differ.

1. Ripple counter shown below works as (assume the preset is the asynchronous and initial state is 0 for all three flip-flops).

digital counter vlsi universe


1. Mod 5 Down counter
2. Mod 3 Up counter
3. Mod 3 Down counter
4. Mod 5 Up counter

2. An AND gate drives a load whose capacitance is much higher than the parasitic capacitance of the transistor inside the AND gate. Signal A is a 200 MHz clock. Signal B is a 400 MHz clock whose edges are offset from the edges of the 200 MHz clock.

When both the inputs of the AND gate are tied to A, then the power dissipation is equal to P. When the inputs of the AND gate are connected to A and B respectively, the power dissipation is equaled to what?


1. P/2
2. 2P
3. P
4. 0

3. Statement 1: Area wise both implementations are the same. Statement 2: Critical path is longer in 2 compared to 1

inverter vlsiuniverse


1. 1 is false, 2 is true
2. 1 is true, 2 is false
3. Both 1 and 2 are true however depending upon input arrival time we may choose either of the circuits
4. If D is a static signal circuit two will take lesser power compared to circuit 1.

4. How many 2:1 multiplexers are needed to implement a 3-input NAND gate?


1. 4
2. 3
3. 2
4. 5

5. INV1, INV2, and INV3 are similar inverters. INV1 gives a delay of 1ns when driving a capacitance C = 0.1 pF. The rise and fall delays are equal. IN and INZ are complementary signals.

What is the delay of INV2 if C1 = 0.2 pF?

inverter vlsiuniverse


1. 2 ns
2. 1 ns
3. 5 ns
4. 4 ns

6. IIR filter with equation y(n) = a*x(n)+(1-a)*y(n-1) [0<a<1] is implemented for a = 0.875 in 16 bit microprocessors. How many previous outputs contribute to the present output?


1. Infinite
2. 5
3. 6
4. 7

7. Optimize the following logic using K-map. Input is assumed to be a 5-bit binary number (ABCDE and A is MSB)


1. CE, C’E’
2. K-map can not be used if there are more than 4 variables
3. CEA’, C’E’A’, CDA, and CEA
4. CE, B’C’E’, and C’D’E’

8. SRAM cell is given below.

Write operation: bit and bit’ are forced and the word line is made high.

Read operation: bit and bit’ are pre-charged to VDD and the word line is made high.

If there is large resistance in the pass gate path.

SRAM vlsiuniverse


1. No difference at all
2. Write will become tougher
3. There is a high potential for reading failure
4. Write will become easier

9. The LED (Light-Emitting Diode)

digital design vlsiuniverse


1. Emits light when both S1 and S2 are closed
2. Emits light when both S1 and S2 are open
3. Emits light when only S1 or S2 is closed
4. It does not emit light irrespective of the switch position.

10. Three Capacitors C, 2C, and 3C are pre-charged to voltages of 0V,1V, and 1V respectively. What is the voltage at V0 once they are stacked as shown in the figure below?

capacitor vlsiuniverse


1. 1.5V
2. 2V
3. 0.33V
4. 1.75V

11. In the circuit shown below, switch S1 is an identical switch that is turned ON and OFF periodically. That is ON for 40 percent of the time and OFF for 60 percent of the time. What is the average value of VOUT? if R’ = 3*R, V1 = 10V, V2 = 6V.

Resistor vlsiuniverse


1. 6.4V
2. 7V
3. 4V
4. 7.6V

12. The transistor-level circuits of gates are shown below in the figure.

Gate 1 is required to drive the load capacitance of C1 and Gate 2 is required to drive a load capacitance of C2. The self parasitic capacitance of the transistor can be rejected. The W by L ratios of the transistors is indicated beside each transistor.

For Gate 2, both inputs A and B are shorted. C1 = 1 pF and C2 = 2 pF. If Gate 2 has an output rise time of 100ps, then the output rise time of Gate 1 is equal to what?

inverter problems vlsiuniverse


1. 500 ps
2. 150 ps
3. 250 ps
4. 300 ps

13. In a binary fixed-point system with 2’s complement representation, a number format is specified to fix WL and FL. Word length WL is the total number of bits. Fraction length FL is the number of bits used for fraction length.

For binary fixed point, if the absolute value of the smallest positive number is X and the absolute value of the smallest negative number is Y then,


1. X and Y are the same if signed and (WL-1) == (2 * FL)
2. X and Y are always the same.
3. X and Y are always different.
4. X and Y are the same if signed and (WL-FL)<(FL+1)

14. D1 to D2 are devices that communicate with each other via the BUS.

communication bus vlsiuniverse

Statement 1: Architecture 1 allows simultaneous communication between two separate pairs of devices.

Statement 2: In architecture 1 D2 and/or D5 need to be used even when they are not transmitting or receiving data.

Statement 3: Architecture 2 allows simultaneous communication between two separate pairs of devices.


1. Only 1 is true
2. Only 3 is true
3. Only 2 is true
4. 1 and 2 are true

15. The diode has a forward drop of 0.7 Volts when it is made ON. The below circuit is operating in steady-state with Vo initially at a very high positive voltage such that the diode is OFF.

Gradually the voltage at Vo is reduced. When will the diode conduct? When Vo is

diode vlsi universe


1. 0.3V
2. -0.7V
3. -1.7V
4. The diode can never conduct.

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